Rights of Santal Wives

In return for all obligations a Santal wife has certain rights. Her husband must cloth her according to the accepted village standards and whatever he eats and drinks he must share with his wife. If her husband leaves home, he must make arrangements for her maintenance and if he is joint with his brothers or
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Santali have some syllable structures. The basic syllable structure of a Santali word can be shown as (C1)V(C2)(C1). Here, C1 = First Consonant of a Santali word; C1 can be plosives,nasals, trills, fricatives and the first Coda. [See the Consonant Chart] V= Vowel, the nucleus. C2 = Homorganic Nasal, Checked consonant; Second Coda.

The Santal Myth of Handi

Maran Buru (God of Santals) became thoughtful of continuing his act of Creation. The first parents (Pilcu Haram and Pilcu Budhi)  were paid repeated visits by him, who taught them to make Soma(Handi). Thus it was brought from Heaven upon the

A Short History of Handi

Man could not live without drinks. Man’s drudgery of the day and his sorrows and pains were the cause of making his life dull and dreary. From this he endeavored to redeem himself. It was

Fossils offer principles This speculation, after the Divine One, is based on the fossils found in different provinces. We have already dealt with how Java Man, Peking Man, The South African ape Man and the man of Grimaldi were discovered by scholars, archeologists and anthropologists. Except the peking Man the rest of them are all
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Santali Consonant (São Saḍe) Santali Consonants known as São Saḍe. In the construction of words Santali shows two types consonant. One is from the native subsystem and another seems to be borrowed. Borrowed consonants are mostly from Indo Aryan languages.  However all Santali consonants can be illustrated by these following

Santal Mythology The goose and the gander, who were made by the great Thakur, laid eggs on the turf of Sirom (Andropogon muricatus). A male and female, two human beings, were born from them. The birds were ordered by the great God- Thakur to look for a better place according to their choice and they
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